marq james

Certified Massage therapist


ncmt: #43805 | GA license mt: 004648 | amta: #161679


Hot Stones Massage
Warm smooth volcanic rocks from St.Thomas are used to sooth those tense and tight muscles.
$85.00 for 70 minutes. $95.00 with aromathery.

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Hot Stones Sports Massage
Warm smooth volcanic stones are used to stretch and manipulate tight muscles of the weekend warrior or the serious athlete. If you want to take your sports massage to another level try this treatment.
$100 for 70 mins

Sports Massage
Spell bounding deep tissue movements and intense stretching. Rise like a cobra and unwind those tight muscles with this massage.
$85.00 70 minutes

Thai Massage
Gentle slow stretching and compression moves that are so unusual that you will be surprised how flexible the body becomes.
$135.00 60 minutes

Carribean Style Massage
A unique blend of eastern and western blends of massage techniques infused with aromatic hot stones. I will utilize Swedish and Thai massage moves to give you the best massage experience possible.
$95.00 for 70 minutes

Swedish Massage
My sweet Swedish is slow and deliberate. Enjoy the slow magical experience. This massage comes with a complementary essential oil facial massage.
65 minutes $75.00

Rejuvenating Aromatic Facial Massage
Try my rejuvenating aromatic Facial lift and hot stone hand massage with essential oils.
30 minutes for $45.00